Supporting Clinical Research for the Warfighter

Client: The U.S. Department of Defense

Project Overview: Navitas Clinical Research, Inc.  supports multiple clinical research studies and patient registries for the Department of Defense and private companies for the benefit of warfighters. Among these projects, we manage a clinical trial for the evaluation of Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, which treats traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Navitas Clinical Research, Inc. manages the full-service implementation of the clinical trial, including project management, protocol development, electronic data capture, data management, site selection and management, device safety, analysis, and reporting.

In addition, the Department of Defense has relied on Navitas Clinical Research, Inc. for the past several years for device safety and clinical research services, including data monitoring and regulatory submissions, for its transhumeral osseointegration research program. The program seeks to evaluate the safety of osseointegration, which involves attaching an external prosthesis directly to the skeleton of patients who have lost a limb.

Navitas Clinical Research, Inc. also serves as the Data and Statistical Coordinating Center for a study in support of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. The study, titled “Post Admission Cognitive Therapy,” seeks to evaluate the efficacy of a cognitive behavioral intervention program for military service members and beneficiaries admitted for inpatient care resulting from suicidal thoughts or a recent suicide attempt.

Results: Because of our work, breakthrough medical technology is getting to those who need it more quickly, improving the quality of life of America’s warfighters.