Our Services and Methodology

Given our strong history of support to substance abuse, mental health, musculoskeletal, and infectious disease studies, we have developed a network of sites with whom we have successfully worked in the past. Using our existing database of sites, we can rapidly identify and assess potential sites with the relevant therapeutic area experience, enrollment capacity, past recruitment success in similar studies, and evidence of a suitable study population within the catchment area.

We understand potential obstacles to recruitment and recognize the importance of a well-outlined recruitment and retention plan developed in conjunction with the study protocol. Recruitment and retention considerations are built into all aspects of our study plans, including but not limited to site selection, training, monitoring, and ongoing reporting. We consider both opportunities and barriers during the study design phase to help address and minimize potential recruitment and attrition issues. We recognize the great importance of retaining participants until they complete the study, and we offer clients mProve’s mPAL mobile app device to facilitate regular communication with the participants. We have found that the use of mPal – SMS (text message) and mobile app–based solutions for patient retention and engagement in clinical trials reduces early discontinuation rates by up to 50%.

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