Our Services and Methodology

Through our experience with large-scale domestic and international registries, we have developed innovative and cost-effective strategies to collect data. We can create accurate snapshots and document trends over time in patient clinical information and characteristics, health care services, and care quality. Once the specifications are defined, we can build a registry database and expand it to include an unlimited number of patient populations. Our IT solutions allow you to collect, track, and measure registry data in order to effectively describe outcomes of interest.

In addition, registry data can be used to

  • Create the foundation of a broad risk management program
  • Understand and track the natural history of disease
  • Determine patient population dynamics and treatments
  • Conduct an aggregate analysis using built-in validated reports

We can use our own Registry Web Portal—or your choice of registry management system—to help clinicians and investigators obtain real-time information either from specific sites or the whole registry. The portal has an easy-to-use dashboard with interactive tools to give you a comprehensive view of a product or system’s performance in the real world.

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